Relaxing the abdomen

Now a day, we are very concerned with keeping a tight stomach and trying to sit as tall as we can. The issue is, we harvest a lot of stress in our abdomen and by keeping it tight all of the time we perpetuate the issue. I'm not saying to slouch, and I'm not saying to let it all hang out all of the time. I'm saying to learn how to have good posture and how to let go of tension. Here are some exercises to gain control of your stomach in  tension and in relaxation. These will also help your abdominal content to move properly and may help moderate digestive issues.


a recent study conducted at the Harvard university, has linked wearing tight bras to breast cancer.


The intestines are the longest organ in the human body at 26 feet in total length, 21ft of small intestine and 5 of colon. The  multiple coils increase the surface of absorption. The intestines are hypersensitive, with 100 000 000 neurons linked to the brain, it makes the gut  a sensitive transmitter and receiver of emotions... Giving you the gut feeling.