The intestines are the longest organ in the human body at 26 feet in total length, 21ft of small intestine and 5 of colon. The  multiple coils increase the surface of absorption. The intestines are hypersensitive, with 100 000 000 neurons linked to the brain, it makes the gut  a sensitive transmitter and receiver of emotions... Giving you the gut feeling.

Zheng Gu Shui

 The following write ups will make you understand why I like this product so much. I think its great to promote circulation.

zheng gu shui

I hope you enjoy, you can get it at Lifestyle market here in Victoria BC.

I aso included a picture of the side of the bottle explaining its uses, in the attachments below.

Prevent Preform. Recover.

Equinox Health Clinic


**Most of this information is taken from the book "Understanding the messages of your body by Jean-Pierre Barral"  if you need more information I suggest you buy the book!**

The Lungs, The breath of Life, Deep breath of fresh air.

You breath14 times/ minute, 600 million times in a lifetime.

The lungs fuel your vital energy; made up of 79% nitrogen and 21% Oxygen.

Controlled by the medulla oblongata who activates the diaphragm.