What Shoes to Wear!

The fight is real. You want to wear the cute shoes but they often are the worst thing for your feet.

Here are a few suggestions of shoes that have the 3 key components that you are looking for when rehabilitating your feet from fallen arches, planar fasciitis, ankle sprains and most feet issues.

1) A flat shoe... sorry ladies, no heels. It really damages the cartilage under your toes and destroys your metatarsal arch. 

2) Heel support, this just means that the back of the shoe has to have structure. This is where our feet need support, give them what they want.

3) Large toe box. Let your toes do what they do best. The toes provide stability and balance. if they are stuck they can't work properly, our toes should be free.

With these 3 things in mind you can shop anywhere for shoes. My preference would be something like www.keenfootwear.com

That being said I get that they don't look good with most work attires. Therefore you could change jobs or just find cute shoes that are good for your body too.

Here are 3 suggestions :




Take care of your feet.


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