Seed Cycling

Seed Cycling

There’s a lot of information about seed cycling.

The major points are well described in the pdf document attached.

The summary is that it will help you build and eliminate the hormones in your system. Supporting your well being.

I made seed bars to reduce the day to day effort. They turned out really delicious. Stay tuned to see if the person that is using them will have a reduction in her headaches.


Seed Cycling recipe:


Week 1&2 (Omega 3)

Start on the New Moon or first day of your period (Day1-14)


1cup Ground Flax seeds

1 cup Ground Pumpkin seed

½ cup mashed prunes

¾ cup mashed dates

¼ cup water

1.5 cups rice crispy



Week 3&4 (Omega 6 and Zinc)

Start on the Full moon or the 15th day of your period (Day15- 28(adjust for your cycle length)


1cup Ground Sesame seeds

1cup Ground Sunflower seeds

100 jell capsule broke open of Primrose (next time I will use essential oil)

½ cup ground prunes

¾ cup ground dates

¼ cup water

1.5 cups rice crispy


Press in container or make into balls of the size of 2 to 3 teaspoon full. Keep in Freezer for longer lifespan. Let me know if you notice a difference