Lead an Active Lifestyle! Here's Why.

If you lead an active lifestyle you feel better.   What!!! you knew that already!

Here are more reasons to pick the stairs over the elevator or walk to the corner store instead of driving. All of these small lifestyle choices make a big difference with your overall health.

Reason 1) Nitric oxide... bottom line you need this element to regulate alot of functions concerning your blood and heart. By eating leafy greens, moderate exercise and eating antioxidants you stay healthier.

Seed Cycling

Seed Cycling

There’s a lot of information about seed cycling.

The major points are well described in the pdf document attached.

The summary is that it will help you build and eliminate the hormones in your system. Supporting your well being.

I made seed bars to reduce the day to day effort. They turned out really delicious. Stay tuned to see if the person that is using them will have a reduction in her headaches.


Seed Cycling recipe: