I would have guessed that she had been an RMT for 50+ years

After my first massage with Lysanne I would have guessed that she had been an RMT for 50+ years. She is a skilled master, and is phenomenally intuitive. She was pinpointing old injuries that I haven't physically felt in months, even years. Lysanne is obviously deeply connected to the inner workings of the human body. Her treatments and follow up recommendations are spot on! 


Insightful and beneficial

My experience at Equinox Health has been very positive. I am impressed with Lysanne's ability to quickly zero in on what is impacting my athletic performance and then get right to work on applying the relevant therapies to ease muscle aches and her work towards increasing range of motion. Lysanne's recommendations for home care are insightful and beneficial. I would not hesitate to recommend a visit to Equinox Health!

~ LL

Lysanne is extremely knowledgeable

I have been very happy with the treatments I have received from Equinox. Lysanne is extremely knowledgeable and able to not only address the pain/discomfort but determine the original source and provide treatments to prevent it from reoccurring.

~ DF

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