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December 13, 2016

Pelvic Floor Strength

Information on the pelvic floor strengthening


and you can buy the online here :

May 20, 2016

Zheng Gu Shui

 The following write ups will make you understand why I like this product so much. I think its great to promote circulation.

I hope you enjoy, you can get it at Lifestyle market here in Victoria BC.


May 12, 2016


**Most of this information is taken from the book "Understanding the messages of your body by Jean-Pierre Barral"  if you need more information I suggest you buy the book!**

The Lungs, The breath of Life, Deep breath of fresh air.

You breath14 times/ minute, 600 million times in a lifetime.

The lungs fuel your vital energy; made up of 79% nitrogen and 21% Oxygen.

Controlled by the medulla oblongata who activates the diaphragm.

April 11, 2016

Body Alignment Routine.

As we all know there are no pills to make you better, healthier, nor smarter, even if every ad tried to sell health in a quick and easy format.

This is what I like form these exercises, they are just meant to realign your posture.

That being said you'll still have to work at it, but its  starting point .

and really if it can decrease the stress, even by 10%, on any of your joints, your body will do the rest. Our bodies ALWAYS seek homeostasis. 

March 27, 2016

Glymphatic System

Study has shown how the brain clears fluids, and how it could possibly change disease progression.

You can watch the video and read the article here about the glymphatic_system

March 25, 2016

EZ Water, H3O2

We are 2/3rd water.  99% of the molecules in our body are water.

This study suggests that the form of water in our body is not one that we've heard of before. It is called the 4th phase of water, it is denser, takes less place, is affected by light and minerals  and has a negative  electromagnetic charge.

EZ water is in our cells  Video on EZ water by Dr. G. Pollack

March 22, 2016

What Does The Uterus Do All Day?

Wow, did you ever here about this. This is a great leap in understanding how the different organs work, and scientific evidence. Watch this Video to get the full understanding of what the uterus does all day. I also added a picture of a uterus that has fibroids just for better understanding.

Prevent. Perform. Recover.

Equinox Health Clinic

March 3, 2016

Subtalar Joint Motion Control Taping


**This is not for an ankle sprain**

March 1, 2016

Flacoxin, Anti-inflammatory

Flacoxin Anti-inflammatory