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January 6, 2014

Upper back Pain? Neck Pain? Head Ache?

Pain in the neck and in the upper back are related to weakness in the same areas.

Often pain that is perceived in the mid back, between the shoulder blades, comes from weakness in the upper back muscles, due to being overstretched for long periods at a time ( sitting/driving/ desk work).These same muscles can create headaches.

Neck pain and weakness in the neck muscles can create head aches, neck pain and pain between the shoulder blade also.

January 2, 2014

Nutrition Seminar Series

The Nutrition Seminar Series are brought to you by Tenille Hoogland. She has been a professional triathlete racing across the globe and rubbing shoulders with the best athletes in the world. Not only exceeding in her athletic feats but also academic studying fitness, health and nutrition at a leading University in Canada.  She works with individuals to reach their health oriented goals in specific triathlon training, general fitness and/or nutrition.