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December 10, 2014


Just a quick over view of how the liver works...

It's pretty cool...

Click here for the TED Talk


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November 17, 2014

How do scars form?

How do scars form? another Great TED talk on Scar formation. 


August 6, 2014

Range of Motion

We all get stiff, focused on our normal daily activites and we forget about our body as a whole. Here are a few exercises to get you limbered up again. I always like just moving your body in all directions to maximize ease of motion. The lease restrictions in your body the less chance of injury. Move like a child or even better try to dance like a child.

Here we go


April 28, 2014


Here is a great video from Marilyn Arsenault on running posture which transfers  to daily posture while standing, walking and sitting.

 posture video

if you are a runner I would also highly recommend her classes.

You can check out her website :


Prevent. Perform. Recover.

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April 3, 2014

How To Detox: 10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Body

In the midst of spring cleaning kitchens and bedrooms, it's not such a bad idea to start 'spring cleaning' your body as well.

It's been a long winter, which means few of us had much exposure to sun (and if we're being honest, exercise), and probably turned to a lot more heavy comfort foods.

April 2, 2014

Hokaoneone- the Not so minimalist running shoe

I'm a strong believer of making your own opinion and listening to your body and hearing what works for you.

March 26, 2014

Welcoming Darrelle Ann Butler, RMT.

Welcoming Darrelle Ann Butler, RMT.

Equinox Health Clinic is excited to introduce Darrelle Ann Butler. Darrelle brings 15 years of practice to her position, priding herself on slow paced and extremely precise treatment, giving you the feeling of relaxation, with the high level of acuity that is achievable with her experience.