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October 22, 2013

Are you recovering from surgery and feel useless/ just in pain?

Are you recovering from surgery and feel useless and just in pain? 

Do you just want a better mind body connection? 

This might be a place for you to start.

Mudras are hand movements that connect the body and mind so to find flow.

they are often used with breathing techniques also called pranayama.

October 15, 2013

Built to Last

Built to Last The most underrated 'talent' for distance running success is durability. By Greg McMillanPublished May 21, 2013

I always thought I was talented. I won my state championship in the mile. I ran 53 seconds for 400m and my VO2 max was tested at more than 76 ml/kg/min (quite high). I was also driven, loved training and was competitive. And even at a young age, I accepted that running success was about work over time -- over months and years, not days and weeks. I had it all except one crucial component: durability. I was hurt all the time.

October 8, 2013

Can exercise make us smarter?

Can exercise make us smarter?

We hear so much about the physical benefits of regular exercise. But what effects do exercise and staying fit have on our cognitive function? Research has looked at how well people perform mentally, both while exercising and immediately after an exercise session. Other research has examined the association between fitness level and age-related cognitive decline.

October 1, 2013

Fun Facts About Internal Organs!

Internal Organs

Though we may not give them much thought unless they’re bothering us, our internal organs are what allow us to go on eating, breathing and walking around. Here are some things to consider the next time you hear your stomach growl.