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January 17, 2015

Ode to Walking

I've been wanting to write another blog on walking, since I truly believe that people don't give it its due.

10 000 steps a day will make a difference in your lifestyle.

I've previously posted a blog on the benifits of walking and here it is if you missed it : Walk it's a pretty cool chart showing how walking can enhance the different areas of the body.

Below is another article to add to the incredibly long list of reasons why to walk:

January 12, 2015

Sleep on it.

Another great TED talk/lesson, on the benefits of sleep.

Sleep is an important part of your day, not just time consuming, and here's why

Watch it here : Ted.lesson


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January 7, 2015


A Zentangle is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns according to the trademarked Zentangle Method. True Zentangles are always created on 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) square tiles, and they are always done in black ink on white paper. The invention of the Zentangle was intended to make the act of drawing pleasurable, meditative and accessible to all. 

December 10, 2014


Just a quick over view of how the liver works...

It's pretty cool...

Click here for the TED Talk


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