The stretching institute has done a good job to condense so many stretches in one page format and describing every stretch in detail with a great body diagram of the muscle being


Attached are 3 different pages outlining different areas of the body



Neck, back and core Stretches

Upper Body Stretches

Lower body Stretches

Please have a look at this pdf from their web site.


Prevent. Perform. Recover

Equinox Health Clinic.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, Light Therapy

I have been interested in learning more about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the different light therapies. Being that we are in Victoria, BC, and our winter months consist often of 'grayness', without the reflection of the sun on the snow to brighten the day or blue skies for days at a time, our climate does suggest that the prevalence of S.A.D. should be high.  Here we will describe what is SAD and discuss the different light therapies and all of their uses.



Teeth Pain

We all know stress creates tension. Muscular tension can lead to trigger points (TP). Some people are more susceptible to TP's than others (but we all get them).


The Uterus: aka just another body part.



I could have called this blog: hip pain, groin pain, lower back pain, leg weakness, bladder disfunction/restrictions or pelvic floor restriction. All of these can be caused by the uterus, or more specifically, a tight ligament of the uterus. As a society we like to ignore the uterus...therefore it starts yelling!

There are many causes that can stress these ligaments: running, cycling, pregnancy and caesarean are just a few of the main causes of uterine stress.