EZ Water, H3O2

We are 2/3rd water.  99% of the molecules in our body are water.

This study suggests that the form of water in our body is not one that we've heard of before. It is called the 4th phase of water, it is denser, takes less place, is affected by light and minerals  and has a negative  electromagnetic charge.

EZ water is in our cells  Video on EZ water by Dr. G. Pollack

To best replenish our cells we would need EZ water found in plants. 

Subtalar Joint Motion Control Taping

**This is not for an ankle sprain**

This ankle taping is to support the arch, so it does not fall medially into pronation and to support the heel (calcaneus). Stabilizing the rear foot is very important so that the forefoot can be flexible and adapt to different surfaces.

Athletic tape is the best tape to use for this; you can also use hockey tape if you have some readily available, although it will stretch out a little more.