Upper back Pain? Neck Pain? Head Ache?

Pain in the neck and in the upper back are related to weakness in the same areas.

Often pain that is perceived in the mid back, between the shoulder blades, comes from weakness in the upper back muscles, due to being overstretched for long periods at a time ( sitting/driving/ desk work).These same muscles can create headaches.

Neck pain and weakness in the neck muscles can create head aches, neck pain and pain between the shoulder blade also.

  1. By strengthening the neck muscles,
  2. stretching the pectoral muscles and
  3. strengthening the upper back

you will decrease your upper back and neck pain, and even sometimes headaches.

1- Strengthen your neck with isometric contractions. With a theraband this is easy to acheive ( tie a knott in one side and close the knot in a door, to have as an anchor)

Then as you see on this picture, place the other end around your head and take a step A- forward ( 20x), rotate the theraband on your head a quarder turn then B- take a step side ways to the door (20x), quarder turn step then C- step backwards  quarder turn step then D- away on the other side, this way you will strengthen you neck on its 4 quadrants.

You can also perform these exersises in a seated position using your arms from a bent to straight possition to increase the tension:

If you do not have a theraband you can use your hands on your head as reststance (as per the first picture).

As we know the body never works alone to get even greater rewards you might want to read pectoralis-stretch blog and the how-release-your-shoulders too.


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