Sub Occipitals

Headache? Pressure on the forehead???

Here is one of the common culprit. If you succeed in stretching this muscle you will most likely get rid of your head ach.

Sub Occipital
suboccipital \-äk-ˈsip-ət-əl\ triangle noun
: a space of the suboccipital region on each side of the dorsal cervical region that is bounded superiorly and medially by a muscle arising by a tendon from a spinous process of the axis and inserting into the inferior nuchal line and the adjacent inferior region of the occipital bone, that is bounded superiorly and laterally by the obliquus capitis superior, and that is bounded inferiorly and laterally by the obliquus capitis inferior.

How to stretch it ?

I like using a high back chair, and slouching in it till the back of your head is being tractioned by the back support of the top of the chair, then apply just a little constant pressure, till the pressure decreases. You can also use a hockey stick or any stick, like is shown in the picture. 

The other way is to try laying on a soft(ish) ball, and just trying to massage the sore spots out... or obviously come an see us at Equinox Health and we can help you deal with this type of headache.


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