Nutrition Seminar Series

The Nutrition Seminar Series are brought to you by Tenille Hoogland. She has been a professional triathlete racing across the globe and rubbing shoulders with the best athletes in the world. Not only exceeding in her athletic feats but also academic studying fitness, health and nutrition at a leading University in Canada.  She works with individuals to reach their health oriented goals in specific triathlon training, general fitness and/or nutrition. Now she is a full-time health and wellness coach.Her positive energy, passion for health and empathy towards everyones continuous struggles to reach your goals, makes her one of my top pick when suggesting a coach or nutrition advisor. 

Please read her website to get adequate knowledge of her amazing personality and dedication to everything she chooses to pursue :


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Nutrition Seminar Series

The focus of this series is to dispel nutrition myths and practices and provide real tools to apply proper nutrition and hydration in everyday living, training and at races.  We will make one amazing food item during each session that applies to the topic of that day. 

Cost:  $60 for all 5 or $20/session  (1st one free)

Please book in advance so I can buy appropriate quantities of food!

Date: January 11, 10:30-11:30am   FREE  Panorama Leisure Centre

Seminar 1:  Eating Right for Everyday Training – The Basics

 1.      Understanding What You Need:  Energy Requirements and Body Efficiency

2.      Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat - How much and How often.

3.      Hydration Tips and Tricks

Date: January 26,  2pm -3:15  Crystal Pool

Seminar 2:  Nutrition and Recovery

1.      The Recovery Window. Drink up.

2.      The Essentials: Carbohydrates and Protein.

3.      Antioxidants

Recipe:  Creating the Perfect Smoothie for YOU!

Date: February 2,  2pm -3:15  Crystal Pool

Seminar 3:  Understanding the Paradox of Training Hard and Not Losing a Pound.

1.      Let’s talk about Fat.  Is it the ultimate fuel?

2.      Eat more and weigh less. Really?

3.      Snacks to get the needed energy in.

4.      If you really want to lose weight, what’s safe and when to do it.

Recipe:  Tapas – Baba Who and Hummus two…

Date: February 9,  2pm -3:15  Crystal Pool

Seminar 4:  Supplements

1.      Supplements that are PROVEN to work. And then all the others.

2.      Calcium and Vitamin D. 

3.      Iron Depletion and Deficiency in Athletes

4.      Building the Immune System.

Recipe:  Kale Salad

Date: February 16,  2pm -3:15  Crystal Pool

Seminar 5:  Race Day Nutrition

1.      How to prepare in training. 

2.      Carbohydrate Loading – When you need to and when you don’t.

3.      The Morning of Race Nutrition Tips

4.      Racing: What, how much and when? 

5.      How to carry your nutrition.

6.      Salt and Fluids.

Recipe:  Superfood Balls.


I can't wait to hear Tenille Hoogland speak and learn more about nutrition, hope to see you there.

Lysanne Lavigne, RMT.

Prevent. Perform. Recover.

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