**Most of this information is taken from the book "Understanding the messages of your body by Jean-Pierre Barral"  if you need more information I suggest you buy the book!**

The Lungs, The breath of Life, Deep breath of fresh air.

You breath14 times/ minute, 600 million times in a lifetime.

The lungs fuel your vital energy; made up of 79% nitrogen and 21% Oxygen.

Controlled by the medulla oblongata who activates the diaphragm.

You can help this interaction, by controlling your breathing and practicing different techniques, also meditation and yoga techniques can help.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Laying on your back with a cushion on your stomach, breath in pushing the cushion to the sky and breath out tucking your stomach in.
  • A few Yoga videos on breathing:
  • Sart with a short rather than quick breathing cycle and end with slow, ample breaths- do this 2 minutes every day
  • Laying on your back breath in feeling your vertebrae from the neck touching the ground one after the other, pay particular attention to your neck and pelvis, since those areas are going to be the hardest to connect to the ground.
  • This is an easy intro to meditation app, they also give you a free trial period : meditation-app
  • You can also try some mudras, which are some purposeful hand movements to promote vitality in different pathways, if you are having difficulties breathing I would start with this one for chest congestion, then try the one for asthma:

Carbon dioxide in your blood can modify your breathing if elevated, if it is too high it could make you suffocate, and it would disturb the bodies main functions ( blocked kidneys and increase heart rate) In this instance the lungs and the kidneys are the key element of homeostasis, who regulate the acidity level in the body. Here is a medical take :, which interestingly enough suggest that baking soda could increase the PH and decrease the acidity. 

Some indications of breathing deficiencies would be fatigue, low energy, backache in shoulder blade area, excessive sweating.

Emotionally a person with lung issues would want to fade into the background. Respiratory problems cost energy, so there is no time to take chances. That being said when their lungs are functioning properly they can own their own space and be very independent and set up challenges.

Taking care of the Lungs


in addition to the exercises above

  • Exercises that expand the thorax and stretches the arms
  • Cardio 2hrs per week
  • Stretch the entire spine chest and ribs
  • Hang from a bar 
  • Control your breath
  • Don't put yourself under pressure
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid pollutants
  • Beware of air conditioning, pollen, varnish, paint
  • Keep your spine moving
  • No weight gain or carrying excessive weight
  • Don't overburden your liver, a clogged liver will irritate the mucous membranes
  • If you are prone to sinus infections or bronchitis avoid chocolate and alcohol
  • Seek counseling or a psychotherapist to deal with your fears and anxieties

I hope that this sheds some more light on lung issues/ weakness, and to hopefully help someone overcome or understand some more of the lung function to be able to handle the shortcomings.

Prevent. Perform. Recover.

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